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The Court House and Town Hall, Spanish Town

Georgian architecture building in Spanish Town, housing the Courthouse on the lower level and Town Hall on the upper level.

The trial of Bedward

Bedwardites being led from a courthouse by police, at Alexander Bedward's trial.

Westmoreland courthouse, 'Sav-la-mar'

The Savanna-la-mar Courthouse, located on Great George Street in the Norman Square.

Cenotaph, Morant Bay, St. Thomas

Cenotaph erected before the Morant Bay Courthouse in St. Thomas, to commemorate the lives of those from the parish who died in the First World War.

Bath Court House

Image of the historic Bath Courthouse, built in 1747, before being destroyed by fire.

Balaclava Court House

Building in Balaclava, St. Elizabeth, that once housed the Courthouse.