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Banyan tree, Kingston Park

Large banyan tree located at the Kingston Park; a man sitting on a bench under the tree.

A view of Coke Chapel

Drawing of the 19th century Coke Chapel building as seen from Parade in Kingston. Congregants are seen exiting the building and gathering in the parade located before the church.

A view of Kingston barracks

A scene at the Kingston Barracks with soldiers and guests standing outside on the grounds.

Beckford Street

"The intersection of Beckford Street and Princess Street in downtown Kingston. Old car parts, bed springs and other articles form the 'back-drop' of a pool of filth on Beckford Street and the pungent stream of water runs from the manhole at the…

Theresa Bennett evicted

"Theresa Bennett (in glasses) is not singular in her plight. Here she is shown with some of her six children, six grandchildren and an adopted child at a Cumberland Avenue address in Franklin Town Friday evening after their furniture was put out of a…

Mobile record shack in Downtown, Kingston

"Pop music can be very moving at times. But downtown at South Parade it's been given a new twist.The board shacks from which records and other items were sold were demolished some months ago, so now some vendors display their wares on the sidewalk.…

Shanty town, West Kingston, from Railway

29 Shanty town, West Kingston, from Railway (1978).jpg
Shanty town, West Kingston, seen from the railway between Kingston and Spanish Town.