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Seventh Day Adventist

"Newly ordained minister Doderich Kennedy receiving his certificates of Ordination from West Indies Union representatives W. McMillan at the ordination service at the Spanish Town SDA church on Saturday. The other two ministers who were ordained…

Florizel Glasspole (G.G.), his wife and ADC John Prescod at Methodist Synod

"Governor-General Florizel Glasspole, his wife and ADC John Prescod (front row) join in the singing at the opening of the Methodist Synod on Sunday Night at the Coke Church. The Synod ends on Friday morning and is being attended by delegates from the…

Coke Methodist Church service

"A section of the congregation at the opening of the Methodist Synod on Sunday night at the Coke Church. The synod ended on Friday."

Easter Sunday service

"Rev. Kenneth Greet giving the Easter Sunday sermon at Coke Methodist Church yesterday, seated at left is pastor of the church the Rev. Terrence Rose. Among worshippers is Governor-General Florizel Glasspole and his wife (extreme left) who attend…

Bethany Gospel Assemble

"Worshippers sing a hymn of praise and hope at Bethany Gospel Assemble, Saturday night as they look forward to the new year - 1978."

Garrison Church (Up Park Camp)

"Scout's Founder's Day Service: An ecumenical service was held at Garrison Church, Up Park Camp, on Sunday, February 25 in memory of Robert Baden Powell, the founder of the Scout Movement. Chief Scout and Governor General Florizel Glasspole (fifth…

G.G. Florizel Glasspole and family at Coke Church

d_0011555_florizel_glasspole_family _church.jpg
"Governor General Florizel Glasspole, his wife Josephine, daughter Sara-Lou, son-in-law Dr. Mena (from left) worshipping at the Coke Church on Christmas Morning."

Sacrament of Communion

" 'Let's break bread and eat'.... and the sacrament of communion is administered."