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St. Matthews

"Part of the congregation which attended the service to mark Water Safety Month at St. Matthews yesterday. In the front pew are [from right] former Governor General and first patron of the Royal Life Savings Society Sir Clifford Campbell, St. Andrew…

Kingston Parish Church

"Procession of bishops at yesterday's opening of the 105th annual Synod of the Anglican Church in Jamaica at the Kingston Parish Church. Canon J.T. Clarke who is in charge of the Diocese due to the absence on leave of Bishop of Jamaica J.C. Swaby,…

St. Matthews Church, Allman Town

"Prayerful beginning: A section of the Anglican Clergy who gathered for prayers together with the laity at the St. Matthews Church, Allman Town on Monday evening to invoke the blessings and direction of the Almighty on the efforts of the Elective…

St. George's Anglican Church

"A section of the congregation at the Renewal Rally at the St. Georges Anglican church yesterday. In the first seat of the middle pew is National Security Minister Keble Munn who represented the Prime Minister. To his right is Governor General…

Sir Florizel Glasspole hugs Rev. Philip Potter

"Public reconciliation : Governor-General Florizel Glasspole (left) and World Council of Churches general secretary Rev. Phil Potter hug each other as the congregation sang "Pass it on" at the end of the Renewal Peace Rally at the St. George's…