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Father Roy Campbell

"Jubilee Service: Kingston Archdiocese vicar-general Roy Campbell delivering the sermon at the Ecumenical Jubilee Service of the Jamaica Science Teachers' Association held yesterday at the University Chapel, Mona."

Munro College Chapel

The Munro College Chapel beside another building on the Munro property.

Munro College Chapel

Interior and exterior of the Munro College Chapel in St. Elizabeth.

The chapel, Kintyre scouters' training camp

Commissioners and other officials gathered at a large rock marking the Camp Chapel at the Kintyre Scouters Training Camp. The writings "no man liveth unto himself" are inscribed on the rock."

Wesleyan Chapel

Wreckage at the Wesleyan Chapel (looking west) in Kingston, showing damage to both gables. Two men are standing in the foreground.

A view of Coke Chapel

Drawing of the 19th century Coke Chapel building as seen from Parade in Kingston. Congregants are seen exiting the building and gathering in the parade located before the church.