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Damage to brick wall

Bricks from a damaged wall arranged on the floor.

Damage to frame building

A wooden-frame building without walls. In the background, is the Kingston Parish Church with a damaged clocktower.

Debris on Church Street

Effects of the 1907 earthquake on Church Street, Kingston, showing a sidewalk covered with bricks and debris.

Destruction, Gothic English Cathedral

Damaged brick walls at the Cathedral in Kingston. A sign advertising a lawn party at the Myrtle Bank Hotel is hanging on the cathedral's ruined staircase.

Wesleyan Chapel

Wreckage at the Wesleyan Chapel (looking west) in Kingston, showing damage to both gables. Two men are standing in the foreground.

Sunday morning - Up Park Camp
Women and girls walking past dwellings near Up-Park Camp on a Sunday morning. Two men, one attired in military uniform, are in the foreground.

General Penitentiary overthrown
A damaged door and overthrown soft bricks in piles on the ground, at the eastward side of the General Penitentiary, a penal institution in Kingston, Jamaica