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Bridgens' West India Scenery

This West India Scenery Collection consists of illustrations of negro characters, the process of making sugar, etc . from sketches taken by R.…

Clarendon, Jamaica


The Parish of Clarendon is Jamaica’s third largest
parish in size behind St. Catherine and St. Ann, with
the parish and is located on the southern…

Daily News Photographs


This collection consists of photographs that appeared in the historic Jamaican newspaper - the Daily News. Where possible, the descriptions added were…

Dr. Anthony Robinson's Drawings - Birds


Drawings of Jamaican birds done by surgeon and botanist, Dr. Anthony Robinson.

Glass Slides


A collection of lantern slides in the National Library of Jamaica archives.

Great Earthquake of Kingston


January 14, 1907, marks an unforgettable day in Jamaica’s history. On this fateful afternoon, 106 years ago, a great earthquake hit Kingston with a…

Greetings From Jamaica


The National Library of Jamaica boasts a collection of over 960 postcards featuring a myriad of Jamaican scenes from 1906 – 1970. These cards are a…

Hanover, Jamaica


The parish of Hanover was formed out of St. Elizabeth and Westmoreland on November 12, 1793. It was named for the reigning monarch on the British…

Jamaica Government Documents

Blue Book Island of Jamaica 1906-1907.pdf

This collection consists of full-text periodicals and other material relating to and published by the Government of Jamaica.

James Hakewill's Picturesque Tour of the Island of Jamaica

James Hakewill (1778 – 1843) was an English born architect and engraver, who did extensive travels throughout Europe and the West Indies. The National…