Greetings From Jamaica


The National Library of Jamaica boasts a collection of over 960 postcards featuring a myriad of Jamaican scenes from 1906 – 1970. These cards are a rich source of historical imagery and encompass several card types such as, view, greeting, historical, art and photographic postcards. They also feature different themes including traditional practices, the islands’ social conditions, businesses and early hotels and tourist spots. Though once inexpensive souvenirs these items now serve to compliment advertisements, décor and historical research.

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St. James Church, Montego Bay Jamaica
Postcard of St. James Church in Montego Bay, Jamaica. A group of people are gathered in the church yard.

Parish Church, Kingston
Postcard showing Kingston Parish Church in Kingston, Jamaica.

The Parish Church, Mandeville
Distant view of the Manchester Parish Church in Mandeville.