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Entrance to Castleton Gardens

Postcard from the "Greetings from Jamaica" collection showing the Castleton Gardens entrance.

Rafting Party on the Rio Cobre from Titchfield Hotel

A group of persons enjoying a "rafting party" while floating on rafts across the Rio Grande River in Portland. The river is nestled between a heavily vegetated, mountainous area.

Boating on the Rio Cobre, Bog Walk (A. Duperly and sons)

A group of persons travelling on a small boat through a bushy section of the Rio Cobre Canal in Bog Walk, St. Catherine.

Castleton Botanical Gardens

People gathered around a pond at the botanical gardens in Castleton, St. Mary.

A beautiful Jamaican peasant girl

A young woman standing akimbo, poses with a basket filled with fruits, vegetables and a chicken on her head.

Blue Hole - Portland

Blue Hole, commonly known as Blue Lagoon, in the parish of Portland, Jamaica. The lagoon - that runs into the Caribbean Sea - is surrounded by many trees and small huts are by the shore.

Magotty Falls

Postcard featuring the Maggotty Falls in the parish of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.

"Greetings from Jamaica" - Roaring River Falls, St. Anns (A. Duperly and sons)

Scenic view of the waterfalls at the Roaring River in St. Ann, Jamaica, cascading through lush vegetation.

Port Antonio - Greetings from Ja. (A. Duperly and sons)

A view overlooking the town of Port Antonio in Portland, Jamaica. Buildings, water bodies and other features of the landscape are featured on this postcard.

"Greetings from Ja." - Cane River Falls, Ja. (A. Duperly and sons)

Large rocks surrounding the waterfalls at Cane River in Bull Bay (St. Thomas). A young man leans against one of the boulders.