Great Earthquake of Kingston


January 14, 1907, marks an unforgettable day in Jamaica’s history. On this fateful afternoon, 106 years ago, a great earthquake hit Kingston with a force which left not one edifice untouched not only as a result of the quake, but ensuing fires (Chenery, 4). The tremors extended to surrounding parishes as well. The images contained in this album present, vicariously, the horror of that day.

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Parish Church, Kingston Jamaica after earthquake Jan 14, 1907
This postcard shows the Kingston Parish Church severely damaged by earthquake on January 14, 1907. Extensive damages were seen to the right side of the building. The walls are also partially torn down.

Bank of Nova Scotia after earthquake 1907
A black and white photograph of the Bank of Nova Scotia after the earthquake in 1907. The photograph capture how the building looked after the quake.

Parish Church, Kingston
A photograph of the Kingston Parish Church, Kingston, Jamaica. The photograph captures the exterior of the building.