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Earthquake shattered store room at the University College of the West Indies

Complete destruction of a store-room at the University of the West Indies by the 1907 earthquake.

After the earthquake, January 14th, 1907, Paymaster's Office, Up Park Camp

Destruction of the Paymaster's Office at Up Park Camp, after the earthquake on January 14, 1907.

Great earthquake disaster, Duke Street, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.

Earthquake damage to buildings along Duke Street in Kingston, Jamaica.

Kingston, Jamaica, after the earthquake, January 14th, 1907 - ruin of Father Dupont statue

Ruined statue of Father Joseph Dupont, located at Parade Gardens in Kingston, after earthquake on January 14, 1907.

Kingston, Jamaica, after the earthquake, January 14th, 1907, Victoria Park

Inside the lightly damaged Victoria Park, after the Kingston earthquake of 1907. A woman sits by the pond while others loiter about. Tents have been set up to house those displaced by the earthquake.

East Queen Street, Baptist Chapel

The Baptist Chapel located on East Queen Street, Kingston, in the aftermath of the great Kingston earthquake of 1907.

Roman Catholic Cathedral after the earthquake

Ruins of the Roman Catholic Cathedral, located at the corner of Duke and Sutton streets, Kingston, after being destroyed by earthquake in 1907.

Coke Church, after Great Earthquake, January 14th, 1907

Coke Methodist Church, after being severely destroyed by the 1907 earthquake.

Gordon Hall and Holy Trinity Church

Postcard of the Holy Trinity Church and Gordon Hall on Sutton Street, Kingston, after the great Kingston earthquake on January 4, 1907. Persons are loitering about the street from which bricks and wood from the wreckages have been moved onto the…

McNish's Store, Kington, after great earthquake, January 14, 1907

A look at McNish's Store in Kingston after being completely destroyed by earthquake in 1907.