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  • Collection: Clarendon, Jamaica

Workers threshing grain in Clarendon rice field

Workers threshing grain in Clarendon rice field [date unknown]

East Indians preparing rice, Jamaica

Photograph of East Indian indentured labourers in rice fields from the Valdez collection, circa 1890 . [Original title on photograph is: Coolies preparing rice - Jamaica]

Indian girls preparing rice

Photograph of two girls of East Indian descent preparing rice for cooking.

The Jamaican Railway Corporation engine 54, on its last run entering May Pen, Clarendon, 1968

Engine 54, puffing large clouds of smoke, makes it way on its last run through May Pen, Clarendon - January 13, 1968.

Springfield Gully Bridge, Clarendon
The Springfield Gully Bridge spanning the Springfield Gully in Clarendon

Milk River Bridge, Clarendon

The Milk River Bridge spanning Milk River in Clarendon. Women standing in river under the bridge.

Hermitage Bridge, Clarendon
The Hermitage Bridge, spanning the Rio Minho River in Clarendon, Jamaica.

Morgan's Valley House
Two-storey board house with verandah in Morgan's Valley, Clarendon. Trees surround the property.

Frankfield Railway Station
View of Frankfield Railway Station showing buildings withn annexed waiting area, railroad tracks, persons on the ground and a small railroad car.

Morgan's Forest Postal Agency
The Morgan's Forest Postal Agency in Clarendon.