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A1 Road over Mount Diablo, St. Ann

Aerial view of the A1 Highway in St. Ann in the vicinity of Mount Diablo.

Boats at Kingston Harbour

Fishing boats docked along the waterfront at Kingston.

Errol Brown

Portrait of Errol Brown, cricketer.

Ray Burman

"EXPORT DISCUSSIONS: Mr. Peter King, Executive Director of the Jamaica National Export Corporation (centre) in discussion with Mr. Ray Burman, Chairman of the West Indies Trade Advisory Group (right) and Mrs. Jennifer Owen-Williams, Deputy Director…

Revere Alumina Ltd. PRO Campbell Burrows

"Revere Alumina Limited Public Relations Officer, Campbell Burrows (left) presenting a cheque for $1,000 to Black River Rotary Club president Milton Walters at the Club's meeting last week. The donation will help build the Black River Infant Centre…

Mayor Charlton cuts ribbon to open the new D&G

"Councillor Cecil Charlton, Mayor of Mandeville cuts the ribbon to open the new Desnoes & Geddes warehouse at Grey Ground in Manchester. The warehouse has a capacity of 30,000 cases and employs 30 people. It will service the entire parish of…

Biographical information on Arthur Ashe

Photograph with biographical information on American tennis player, Arthur Ashe.

Donovan Brown, WHO Day

" 'A healthy child's a sure future' is the theme of the poster and the theme of Saturday's World Health Organisation Day. While the speeches were being made and the day being observed by float parade and a concert, Young Donovan Brown couldn't…

Jimmy Brown

"On Tuesday night, December 1, the team of Lennie and Lucien Jnr. and the perennial, top local promoter, Lucien Chen Snr., gave local boxing fans a treat by putting on the first of such events inside the New Kingston Hotel. Richard 'Shrimpy' Clarke…

Harold Butler's birthday party

"Birthday Party: Harold Butler stands in the centre of a group of friends on his birthday, which was celebrated recently at Epiphany. Everyone was in fine spirit and quite fittingly the occasion was used to launch Harold's new album 'The Butler Did…