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Astronomy - eclipse of the moon

Eclipse of the moon at 1:10am, 2:00am, 11:45pm, 12:45am, 12:10 am, 12:55 am and 1:50 am.

While drivers were absent from their cars this man is putting down yellow line

"Instant offenders: The drivers of some of these cars did not find their vehicles where they left them. While the drivers were away, this gentleman was putting down his yellow line."

A traffic warden leaving a warning note for a motorist who has parked against the flow of traffic

"Traffic breach: A traffic warden leaving a warning note for a motorist who has parked against the flow of traffic. This is a breach of the traffic regulations."

A policeman help a motorist under a sign, no right turn

"No you don't: A policeman helps a motorist understand a sign "no right turn." Scene is the intersection of Chelsea Avenue and Half Way Tree Road, where motorists very often tend to lose their sense of direction."

Canadian travel writer at the Ocho Rios Inter-Continental Hotel

"Ocho Rios Intercontinental hosts Canadian Travel writers. The group visited Jamaica recently. Photographed above viewing some of the 'Queen Victoria in Jamaica paintings in the Victoria Restaurant at the Ocho Rios Inter-Continental Hotel are from…

A minibus after an accident

"Close Shave: Driving can be fun, it can be profitable or just downright dangerous depending on the situation and the speed. Our cameraman caught this minibus travelling down a hill near Chapelton in Clarendon last Monday with the two left-hand rear…

Just one more

"Just One More: (from left) Volier Johnson, Teddy Price, Oliver Samuels in a scene from 'Just One More' the API Playhouse drama to be seen on television Wednesday next 9:30pm."

Drewsland Dental Clinic

"The Drewsland Dental Clinic, a self-reliance project which was started last year Labour Day. The building is scheduled to be completed this Labour Day."