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  • Collection: James Hakewill's Picturesque Tour of the Island of Jamaica

Williamsfield Estate
This estate contained 2998 acres of land, including Sandy Gut, a small estate which was purchased and added to it in 1815; 300 acres in sugarcane, 500 fallow and in pasture, the remainder in excellent negro provision grounds, woodland and ruinate.

Trinity Estate, St. Mary
This view embraces the works of the estate, with its aqueduct for supply of the water-mill. In the distance are seen the works of Brimmer Hall, with the Overseer's House on the eminence.

Spring Garden Estate, St. George
View of Spring Garden Estate located in the parish of St. George (now divided between St. Mary and Portland). This estate was one of the properties of John Rock Grosett, Esq., M.P. This plantation is contiguous to the sea-shore, and adjoins the left…

Cardiff Hall
This estate was situated westward of St. Ann's Bay and was the usual residence of John Blagrove, Esq., when in Jamaica. This view is taken from the great interior road, and represents the Pimento Grove at the south entrance of the house. On the right…

Montpelier Estate
Montpelier Estate, property of C.R. Ellis Esq. In this view, the first building on the left is the barracks or residence of the book-keepers; the next the overseer's house and offices; on the knoll is the hospital; below is the cattle-mill, and next…

Holland Estate, St. Thomas in the East
Print showing a part of the Holland Estate in St. Thomas in the East. This was the property of George Watson Taylor, Esq. M.P. and occupied a very great portion of the eastermost extremity of the valley of Plantain Garden River. This view presents…

Whitney Estate, Clarendon
A view of the Whitney Estate located in Clarendon. This was the property of Viscount Dudley and Ward and was situated on the great interior road which connected St. Elizabeth with St. Dorothy's, at the distance of about thirty-five miles from Spanish…

Waterfall on the Windward Road near Kingston
This is a print of a waterfall between rocks on a hill. The water falls into a river. Flowers and trees are also depicted. A woman carries a basket on her head while another is seen pulling two donkeys.

Rose Hall

Print depicting Rose Hall in St. James. A woman is seen walking through the gates of Rose Hall. On the outside of the building, two men are riding horses. This house was owned by the infamous Annie Palmer. Rose Hall has fascinated local generations…

Iron Bridge at Spanish Town by James Hakewill

James Hakewill's drawing of the Iron Bridge spanning the Rio Cobre River in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, Jamaica.