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Cavalry Brigade at Papine
The Cavalry Brigade camps out at Papine with the mountains in the background. Soldiers and their horses are standing abreast in front of tents.

Plumb Point Lighthouse

Photograph of the Plumb Point Lighthouse (built in 1853) with the ruins of two brick structures alongside the lighthouse. It is located at Great Plumb Point near the entrance of the Kingston Harbour.

Bobo Hill in Bull Bay, St. Andrew

Three Rastafarian men sit in the office at Bobo Hill while a Rastafarian woman addresses visitors from the National Library of Jamaica. The small space is adorned with images and other items relating to the Rastafarian faith.

Grosvenor Terrace

Intersection at Constant Spring Road and Grosvenor Terrace. In the background, heading towards Old Stony Hill Road, is the Crowne Plaza hotel and apartment complex.