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Caribbean Sea

The Caribbean Sea as seen from the unfinished highway in Yallahs, St. Thoams.

Yallahs Jerk Centre

Soup being served at the Yallahs Jerk Centre in St. Thomas, Jamaica.

Yallahs flooding

"Yallahs fording flooded during October 1974 flood rains."

Yallahs fording

"Where is the road? This is the Yallahs River in spate yesterday - a day and a half after Tuesday's torrential showers. The fording, which normally enable the scores of vehicles plying between Kingston and St. Thomas and through the Portland, is…

Yallahs Bridge

The new Yallahs bridge, constructed in 2008 across the Yallahs Ford (between Albion and Poor Man’s Corner in St. Thomas, Jamaica.)

Yallahs Quarry

Entrance leading to Jamaica Aggregates Ltd., Yallahs Quarry.