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Cecil's Darling

"The four year old filly Cecil's Darling with Emelio Rodriques aboard winning the five furlongs sprint for ratings 153-178 from Truly Gallant and Stravina, at Caymanas Park yesterday."

Jamaica Constabulary Barracks, Kingston

Formation of police on their horses at the Jamaica Constabulary Barracks, Kingston.

The finishing line at Knutsford Park race track

Spectators, officials, a musical band and jockeys with their horses at the Knutsford Park Race Track (now New Kingston).

Street, Black River

Persons travelling in a horse-drawn carriage along a street in Black River, St. Elizabeth.

Street view - Kingston, Jamaica

People gathered under a large tree in the busy town of Kingston, Jamaica.

Toussaint L'ouverture

Print of Haitian revolutionist and leader of the black insurgents of Saint Domingue, General Toussaint Louverture, on a horseback with his sword raised.

Lt. Maule J. Grey "Pops"

Lieutenant Grey, dressed in polo gear and holding a mallet while atop a horse.