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Cedar Grove in Manchester

"Death yard: Relatives and friends at the home of Berrisford Choy who drowned in a pond with Clinton Townsend at Cedar Grove, Manchester."

Central Village, St. Catherine

"Picking their way: Yesterday afternoon was one of the few occasions since last week on which Cleveland Butler and members of his household have left their home. The entrance to the yard in the Little Lane area of Central Village had been under many…

Chelsea Avenue (Kingston)

"Chelsea Avenue was one of the first roads reported to be flooded recently as rains from Hurricane Katrina pelted the island. A Volkswagen is seen trying to make its way through the water at the intersection of Chelsea Avenue and Half-Way Tree Road."

Chigwell, Hanover

"You may think they're rafting on the Rio Grande. But this is a section of the huge lake that now surrounds the remote district of Chigwell in Central Hanover. As the water continues to rise, more and more citizens in the area resorting to rafts for…

Chigwell, Hanover

"Following two weeks of rain, ponds at Chigwell, Hanover which flooded the area in June 1979, are again rising. Staff from the Water Resources Unit of the Ministry of Local Government and local residents visited the area on Friday [October 16].…

Columbus Drive, New Haven

"A new discovery? It is a known fact that Columbus discovered Jamaica, and it was with this in minds that Columbus Drive in New Haven was named. But little did the citizens think that boats would be needed to sail down Columbus Drive in 1975, almost…

Constant Spring Road

"Prelude to Carmen: This scene on Constant Spring Road was typical of many Kingston streets yesterday. Young men in bathing trunks (one is seen at right) earned quick money pushing stalled cars. Ironically, there was little water in the pipes in this…

Content in Manchester

"Moving out: A woman and her family move out of Content in Manchester after the area was ravaged by floods earlier this week."

Corner North Street

"Splishing and splashing: When bad weather puts going to the beach out of the question, you can always take to the street and make the best of a heavy downpour, shown here by this backstroke swimmer. Her beach was at the corner of North Street and…

Darling Street & Marcus Garvey Drive

"Two vehicles slowly, and carefully negotiating their way through a pool at the Darling Street - Marcus Garvey Drive intersection in the Kingston Waterfront area yesterday."