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De La Vega City, Spanish Town, St. Catherine

De La Vega City, Spanish Town, St. Catherine: an examples of sites and services housing development.

Graffiti - vote P.N.P.

"The house owned by the Watson family at Seven Miles, St. Andrew. Sloganeers visited the home on Sunday and defaced the building, the fence and gate posts."

The labourers' residence at Golden Grove Estate, St. Thomas

Houses belonging to workers on the old sugar estate in Golden Grove, St. Thomas.

No. 5 Wellington Street

Two-storey house along Wellington Street in Spanish Town, St. Catherine.

Iter Boreale Great House

A man stands among trees in the front yard of the Iter Boreale Great House in St. Mary.

Marlborough Great House, Manchester

The symmetrical facade and the classical portico with its pediment supported by tall columns make this 18th century building a particularly fine example of Georgian architecture.