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Portland, Jamaica


Portland is located at the north-eastern tip of the island. It is to the north of St. Thomas and to the east of St. Mary.
The parish was named after…

St. Ann, Jamaica


The history of St. Ann begins with the landing of Christopher Columbus in 1494 on his second voyage to the Caribbean (the ‘New World’). So overwhelmed…

St. Elizabeth, Jamaica


St. Elizabeth lies to the south west end of Jamaica, between Manchester to the east, Westmoreland to the west, and to the south of St. James and…

St. James, Jamaica


St. James was one of the second group of parishes formed in Jamaica and is said to have been named by Sir Thomas Modyford in 1665, for the Duke of…

St. Mary, Jamaica


The town of Rio Nuevo has historical significance for being the site of the last battle between the invading English and the defending Spaniards who…

Jamaica Government Documents

Blue Book Island of Jamaica 1906-1907.pdf

This collection consists of full-text periodicals and other material relating to and published by the Government of Jamaica.

Greetings From Jamaica


The National Library of Jamaica boasts a collection of over 960 postcards featuring a myriad of Jamaican scenes from 1906 – 1970. These cards are a…

Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

An essay on the slavery and commerce of the human species_uploaded.pdf

The transatlantic slave trade is largely responsible for bringing to the Americas enslaved Africans. The slave trade is said to have drawn between ten…

Riots & Rebellions, Jamaica


Riots and Rebellions is a digitized collection of resources from the National Library of Jamaica. The collection brings together resources related to…