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Liberty Hill Great House

Front view of the Liberty Hill Great House in St. Ann.

St. John's Anglican Church, Ocho Rios

The St. John's Anglican Church in Ocho Rios, St. Ann. There are several graves in the church yard. A tall palm tree is in the church's front yard.

St. Ann's Bay Methodist Church

Side view of the St. Ann's Bay Methodist Church that was built in 1898.

St. Ann's Bay Courthouse

Photograph of the 19th century courthouse building in St. Ann's Bay, Jamaica.

St. Ann's Bay Clocktower

A view of the St. Ann's Bay Clock-tower at the corner of Main and Market Streets in St. Ann's Bay, St. Ann. The clocktower was built in 1814 by Whitehurst and Derby.

St. Ann's Bay Police Station

The 1836 building which houses the St. Ann's Bay Police Station.

St. Ann's Bay Baptist Church

Front view of the St. Ann's Bay Baptist church, founded in 1827.

Seville Estate - Kiln

A kiln on the Seville Estate that was once used for drying copra while the estate was in operation.

Seville Heritage Park - African Jamaican House

Replica of an African-Jamaican house at Seville Heritage Park.

Seville Great House

Front view of the refurbished Seville Great House. The front yard is well manicured and there are brick stairs leading up to the entrance of the house. There are two cannons on either side of the first set of stairs.