St. Ann, Jamaica


The history of St. Ann begins with the landing of Christopher Columbus in 1494 on his second voyage to the Caribbean (the ‘New World’). So overwhelmed was he by the beauty of Jamaica’s “garden parish”, that as he pulled into the port at St. Ann’s Bay, he named the place, Santa Gloria. Christopher Columbus named the actual spot at which he landed Horseshoe Bay, because of the peculiar shape of the land. This was changed to Dry Harbour and eventually, a final name change was made to Discovery Bay.

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St. Ann's Bay
Photograph showing a section of St Ann's Bay in earlier days. People stand in a section of the dusty road. Buildings line both sides of the road. Coconut trees are also in view.

Ocho Rios Bay
An artist's impression of the Ocho Rios Bay showing palm trees and buildings along the coast and rolling hills in the background. A boat with three men and a dog aboard are in the foreground.

Free labourers - Ocho Rios Wesleyan Church
Free labourers including children working on the construction site of the Wesleyan Church in Ocho Rios , St. Ann.