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Yallahs Post Office

Front view of the Yallahs Post Office.

New House for Sugar Workers in St. Thomas

A look at a model of the new houses to be given to sugar farmers in the parish of St. Thomas.

Stony Gut, St. Thomas

Photograph of a structure at Stony Gut, the birthplace of Jamaican National Hero, Paul Bogle.

Reggae Falls in St. Thomas, Jamaica

Reggae Falls, located in the Hillside district near Seaforth in St. Thomas, Jamaica. It is also known as 'Dam Head' amongst locals.

Morant Point Lighthouse

The Morant Point Lighthouse, Jamaica's oldest lighthouse, built in 1841 and located at the easternmost point of Jamaica. Repair work is being carried out on the lighthouse.

Rozelle Falls, St. Thomas

A small stream of water coming from Rozelle Falls, near the town of Morant Bay, St. Thomas.

Ruins of the Stokes Hall Great House

Remains of the Stokes Hall Great House, built by Luke Stokes and destroyed by earthquake in 1907.

Jack Mansong or Three Finger Jack Memorial

Monument set up near the Eleven Miles community in St. Thomas, marking the territory of the famous Jack Mansong or Three Finger Jack.

Large Yallahs Pond

The larger of the two Yallahs ponds.

Small Yallahs Pond

The smaller of the twin Yallahs salt ponds.