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  • Collection: St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

Goshen Postal Agency

The post office in Goshen, St. Elizabeth, a 1979 Goshen Community Council project.

Middle Quarters Post Office in St. Elizabeth

The two-storey building that houses the post office in the Middle Quarters community in St. Elizabeth.

St. Elizabeth Parish Council Offices and Black River Resident Magistrate Court

The Government of Jamaica building that houses the St. Elizabeth Parish Council Offices and the Black River Resident Magistrate Court.

Pepper Post Office, St. Elizabeth

The post office located at Pepper in St. Elizabeth, on a residential property.

St. Andrew's Church in Gilnok, St. Elizabeth

The St. Andrew's church, located on the outskirts of Gilnock and built in the 1830s by Duncan Robertson.

Tombs at Lacovia in St. Elizabeth

Two concrete tombs in Lacovia, erected for Thomas Jordan Spencer and another unnamed person in the 1700s.

Black River Post Office, St. Elizabeth

The postal agency in Black River, St. Elizabeth.

Black River Hospital, St. Elizabeth

Entrance of the Black River Public General Hospital in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.

Cemetery in Goshen, St. Elizabeth

Photograph showing the different styles of some graves in a cemetery in Goshen, St. Elizabeth.

Kindah (mango) tree at Accompong, St. Elizabeth

View of the large mango tree refered to as the Kindah tree, in Accompong, St. Elizabeth. It is said that Maroon leader, Cudjoe, frequently held meetings under this tree.