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'Chapter Two' play rehearsal

"Director Keith Noel (far right) explains a scene during rehearsal to the cast of Neil Simon's 'Chapter Two', which is being presented by CJ Productions in association with Dyoll Insurance Co. Pictured l-r: Dorothy Cunningham, who plays Jennie's best…

'Miss KSAC' contestants making a courtesy call on Mayor Ryan Peralto

"Contestants in this years "Miss K.S.A.C." contest made a courtesy call on His Worship the Mayor of Kingston, Senator Ryan George Peralto (right) on Friday July 3, at his King Street offices.

The call on the Mayor was a part of their round of…

'Poverty Stricken'

A barefooted boystands by a pool of stagnant water. In the background are several adults, huddled together near what appears to be a bridge under construction.

'Reach out Project' at the Peace Action Centre

"Staffers of the Cross Roads branch of Royal Bank under their community relations Reach Out Project, presented gifts and refreshments to over 35 children at the Peace Action Centre recently. From left are Lorraine Walker (back to camera), Margaret…

'Sav la mar'

"Dr. Milvo Ramirez (right) head of the Cuban medical team at the Savanna-la-mar Hospital, performing a delicate operation at the hospital recently. Dr. Ramirez was Consultant General Surgeon in charge of a hospital in Havana before he came to…

'Snowball' cart, Kingston, Jamaica B.W.I.

Jamaican postcard of a snow cone cart with bottles of flavoured syrups. The snow cone vendor, students and a young man are standing by the cart.

"Avaunt and quit my sight! thy bones are marrowless"

A drawing depicting a man startling a cat as he shouts a line from Shakespeare's Macbeth - "avaunt and quit my sight! thy bones are marrowless..!"

"Ben Dung" Market

"From Panama to King Street and Parade - people shopping for "foreign" clogs, shoes and disco slippers at "Ben Dung Plaza" the nickname which has been given to King Street where the higglers peddle their wares."

"Greetings from Ja." - Cane River Falls, Ja. (A. Duperly and sons)

Large rocks surrounding the waterfalls at Cane River in Bull Bay (St. Thomas). A young man leans against one of the boulders.