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Hospitalized crash victim

An injured victim of a traffic accident, laying on a hospital bed with bandages over his face and parts of his body, as well as a splint on his arm. A nurses is attending to him.

Fitzroy Watkis pulled from accident

"Sunday Sun photographer Alvin Jones yesterday captured the excruciating pain 13 year old Fitzroy was suffering as he lifted from the wrecked front exit of a bus where he was standing when the bus crashed into the back of a parked JOS bus on Half Way…

Waterloo Road at the intersection of Old Hope

"Fatal accidents: The body of an unidentified man lies at left shortly after an accident involving a pedal cycle and a police Land Cruiser along Waterloo Road near its intersection with Hope Road yesterday morning. The Police Information Centre said…

Driver Mervin Hall at KPH

"Driver Mervin Hall flanked by his wife Minette Hall [left] and sister Marjorie Hall at the Kingston Public Hospital on Tuesday."

Bodies lying in road, crowds gather

A crowds is formed following a traffic accident in which two persons were killed.

Crash on Red Hills Road - car lodged

"Edgar Merchant, 65, of Hagley Park Road thought he would be safe holding to his side of the road coming down Red Hills Road late Friday night. To his dismay, his Austin station wagon ended up in a Water Commission trench, knocking off the bonnet.…

Alphanso Hamilton and Edson Simms were under a JOS bus doing work when another bus crashed into it

"Bloodied but alive - JOS mechanics Alphonso Hamilton and Edson Simms were two lucky men on Saturday. They were underneath JOS bus on Half Way Tree Road effecting repairs when a bus owned by Mr. V. Wedderburn of 14 Hunts Bay Road, Kingston 11 and…

Accident at road-a-bout opposite the Jose Marti Secondary School

"Independence tragedy: twenty-four year old Loretta Blackwood of 61 Waltham Park Road being lifted to a vehicle to be rushed to the Spanish Town Hospital yesterday morning after an accident at the round about opposite the Jose Marti Secondary School.…