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The King's House, Spanish Town

Historic print of the old King's House in Spanish Town, St. Catherine. King's House was built in 1762 on the site of the Old Spanish Hall of Audience which was demolished in 1761.

The Jamaica Folk Museum, Spanish Town

The Jamaican Folk Museum (later known as Jamaican Peoples' Museum) located in Spanish Town, St. Catherine. "This museum displays the folk crafts, arts and folk technology of Jamaica and includes tools, building, materials, ceramics, baskets,…

The Bog Walk

Print showing a woman walking with two young children on the dirt road at Bog Walk, and men directing oxen carrying loads.

The bakery, 8 Wellington St, Spanish Town

Sunrise Bakery and other business places at a two-storey building located at 8 Wellington Street in Spanish Town, St. Catherine. A few men with their bicycles are gathered on the portico of the building.

Spanish Town views

View of streets in Jamaica's old capital, Spanish Town.

Spanish Town views

Spanish Town views
Photographs showcasing the architectural design and styles of a variety of buildings in Jamaica's old capital, Spanish Town in the parish of St. Catherine.