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Featherbed Lane (Spanish Town)

"The road that is a river - this little boy does not have a boat to row across this section of Feather Bed Lane in Spanish Town, so rather than face the danger of slipping in the mud (right) he wades through the water, carefully picking his way in…

Cathedral, Spanish Town, St. Catherine

5 Cathedral, Spanish Town, St. Catherine (197-).jpg
Begun in the early 18th century on the site of a demolished Spanish church, this building was altered and extended during the 19th century.

House of Assembly Piazza, Spanish Town, St. Catherine

The row of brick arches supports a wooden veranda which has since been enclosed.

House on White Church Street, Spanish Town, St. Catherine

The window shades and louvres are typical architectural adaptations to Jamaica’s tropical climate.

No. 5 Wellington Street

Two-storey house along Wellington Street in Spanish Town, St. Catherine.

Ceremony to unveil plaque commemorating Sir Lionel Smith's proclamation of Abolition 1838

Governor General Most Hon. Sir Howard Cooke and other dignitaries in attendance at an unveiling ceremony of a slavery abolition plaque at old King's House in Spanish Town, St. Catherine.