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Lakehurst Drive, Old Stony Hill Road

"A new lake?: This probably is the question most readers will be asking themselves, but this 'lake' was formed on Lakehurst Drive, at the foot of Old Stony Hill Road, following heavy rains experienced Tuesday night and yesterday morning."

Deplorable road surface at the intersection of Orange and Charles Street

"Recurring Problem: For months now, water has been springing constantly and breaking up the roadway at the intersection of Orange Street and Charles Street. The KSAC has tried to solve the problem by throwing marl on the road but as soon as the…

Bob Marley Boulevard

A vehicle traverses the thoroughfare along the Bob Marley Boulevard that has been badly damaged by rain waters. A housing scheme is to the left.

Church Street

"This truck was the victim of the aftermath of the heavy rains in Down Town Kingston, as owing to the heavy water along Church Street, the driver failed to see a danger sign and the rear wheel of the truck sunk into a trench."

Danver's Pen (St. Thomas)

"Heavy rains from Tropical Storm Dennis which lashed the island last Friday damaged the side of this road in Danver's Pen, St. Thomas."

Featherbed Lane (Spanish Town)

"The road that is a river - this little boy does not have a boat to row across this section of Feather Bed Lane in Spanish Town, so rather than face the danger of slipping in the mud (right) he wades through the water, carefully picking his way in…

10 Miles Main Road (St. Thomas)

"In this picture, a woman tests the depths of the "lake" which has developed in the road near Ten Miles."