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Norman Manley Airport dual driveway

"The heavy rains this week made another pond one side of the dual driveway leading to the Norman Manley Airport. At some parts of the road water was about one foot deep. The authorities have closed the flooded side of the road and the other side now…

Sirgany Drive (Kingston)

d_0007934_sirgany_drive _kingston.jpg
"Wet existence: Number 14 Sirgany Drive during a short full in Tuesday's heavy showers. Some of the occupants of the home during yesterday and the previous night spent much time syphoning out dirty silty water that flowed between and under their…

Flooded roadway

A flooded road in Jamaica, following heavy rains.

Chigwell, Hanover

"You may think they're rafting on the Rio Grande. But this is a section of the huge lake that now surrounds the remote district of Chigwell in Central Hanover. As the water continues to rise, more and more citizens in the area resorting to rafts for…

Manchester - Ward Avenue

"Oh what a waste! The protracted drought which has been gripping the island makes any rain, natural or seeded, a blessed event and a precious default on Mandeville's Ward Avenue makes rain a continually wasted and obviously unwanted blessing. Heavy…

Flood victims

"The homeless couple: Charlton Mitchell, 30, and his common-law-wife Yvonne Grant, 19, with their 20-month-old son, Cleveland. They lost their two-apartment timber house during the September 18 downpour when the raging Pen Gully overflowed its banks…

Duckenfield Sugar Company Works Yard residents

"A Banana Board representative and Crop Culture Jamaica's Duckenfield air-strip caretaker looking at the damage done by last week's flash-flood to the Banana Board's spray-plane loading point in East St. Thomas."

Duckenfield Sugar Company Works Yard residents

"Can wi sponge dry? Duckenfield Sugar Company works yard residents trying to dry their bedding which was soaked by last week's flood waters when eight rivers and some 41 supporting gullies were in spate, sending up to eleven feet of water through…

Duckenfield Sugar Company Works Yard residents

"Two Works Yard housewives trying to wash out the mud and excrement from their clothes."