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Voters at polling station, Half Way Tree Primary School

"Voters in the north central St. Andrew constituency read and talk as they wait their turn to cast their ballots at the polling station set up at the Half Way Tree Primary School."

An election day in St. Thomas, Jamaica

"Election day in St. Thomas - [At right] long before the polling station at the St. Thomas Parish Council Office opened on Thursday, these voters lined up to wait for the station officials."

Opposition leader, Edward Seaga arriving for nomination at Denham Town Primary

"Opposition leader, Edward Seaga, arriving at the Denham Town Primary School yesterday to be nominated for the general election. At centre is Denham Town Division Councillor Desmond McKenzie and at right the controversial policeman, Keith 'Trinity'…

Opposition leader, Edward Seaga casting ballot at Half Way Tree Primary School

"Opposition leader Edward Seaga, [right] places his finger under the integrity kit before casting his ballot at the Half Way Tree Primary School Thursday morning. His wife looks on."

Michael Manley on nomination day

Michael Manley and group of men overlooking document on nomination day.

Prime Minister Michael Manley stepping with supporters

"Stepping: Prime Minister, Michael Manley [centre] stepping with supporters as he arrived to hand in his nomination yesterday. Mr. Manley, the second of two candidates to be nominated for the East Central Kingston constituency in subdued tones wished…

Prime Minister Michael Manley and others

Former Prime Minister, Michael Manley, casting his ballot at the 1976 general elections as journalists take pictures. Looking on to the right is his mother, Edna Manley.

Hundreds of voters all over the Corporate Area

"Waiting patiently: Hundreds of voters all over the Corporate Area had to form long queues yesterday to cast their votes. In picture, a mixed bag of voters from Trench Town wait in the sun outside one of the many polling stations in St. Andrew…

Members of the police & military cast their votes in general elections

"POLICE MILITARY VOTE: Members of the police and military cast their votes yesterday in the General Elections to take place on Wednesday in which they will be occupied ensuring law and order. These scenes with men and women members of the Security…

Political party supporters on Duke & Beeston Streets by Gordon House

"Election spirits ran high yesterday as JLP and PNP supporters flanked sections of Duke and Beeston Streets by Gordon House, while Parliament debated the Boundaries Report. From early morning, party supporters positioned themselves, sang party songs…