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J.W. Bollard

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A female officer being presented with a certificate.

Michael Manley

Members of the police force shield Prime Minister Michael Manley as scores of supporters surround him.

Police on operation in a community

Law enforcement personnel walking through a community where residents have gathered following a criminal incident.

Police pointing weapon over a wall towards a house

A member of the police force aiming his weapon in a yard as other policemen are standing by. Residents are observing the scene.

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Police officers driving through crowd

Police officers driving through scores of residents gathered in an inner city community.

JLP and PNP supporters flanked sections of Duke & Beeston Streets by Gordon House

"Election spirits ran high yesterday as JLP and PNP supporters flanked sections of Duke and Beeston Streets by Gordon House, while Parliament debated the Boundaries Report. From early morning, party supporters positioned themselves, sang party songs…

Members of the police & military cast their votes in general elections

"POLICE MILITARY VOTE: Members of the police and military cast their votes yesterday in the General Elections to take place on Wednesday in which they will be occupied ensuring law and order. These scenes with men and women members of the Security…