JLP and PNP supporters flanked sections of Duke & Beeston Streets by Gordon House



JLP and PNP supporters flanked sections of Duke & Beeston Streets by Gordon House


"Election spirits ran high yesterday as JLP and PNP supporters flanked sections of Duke and Beeston Streets by Gordon House, while Parliament debated the Boundaries Report. From early morning, party supporters positioned themselves, sang party songs and cheered as various MP's arrived.

Other energetic ones engaged in a competition to see who could paint fastest. As soon as a JLP supporter daubed his party's symbol in the street in white, it was erased with black paint by PNP supporters who covered the spot with 'Vote PNP' painted in yellow.

Later in the afternoon there was some disturbance involving stone throwing on both sides and the police used tear gas to disperse the crowd from directly in front of Gordon House and restore order. The police stood guard all day and in the afternoon, reinforcements were sent for."


Elections - Jamaica; Crowds; Duke Street (Kingston, Jamaica); Kingston (Jamaica); Politics and government; Cars; Public buildings - Jamaica; Voter turnout; Police


Clive Williams (Daily News)




NLJ Photograph Collection IN: Daily News Collection - Elections, Ja. (Nov. - Dec. 1976)




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