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Road accident on Half Way Tree Road

"The people in this picture probably smiled for our photographer because no one was injured in this accident yesterday. Reports said the Mini was entering Half Way Tree Road from West Ivy Green Crescent when it got out of control and ran into the…

JOS commuters

"Commuters yesterday enjoying the last of the 'cheap' JOS fared. Come May 14 they will have to dig deeper into their pockets."

Sliding windows on JOS bus

"Cooler buses: in order to avoid a long shipping delay JOS accepted some 30 National buses without sliding windows in the rear section of the bus. The public complained that they were hot. JOS engineers, therefore, removed sliding windows from front…

School children loading bus

"A typical scene where school children gather around the entrance of a JOS bus."

JOS bus commuters

"Back at last: JOS buses returned to the roads yesterday after a five-day absence. Here young commuters make their way into one as they welcomed back 'Jolly Joseph'."

Bus shelter on Arthur Wint Drive

"The new bus shelter erected by the JOS on Arthur Wint Drive which is designed to protect the public from rain and splashing by passing vehicles. This shelter is the first of a number that will be built and the length will be increased to 12 feet to…

Jamaica Omnibus Service buses

"Phasing out - the familiar "Jolly Joseph" on the streets of Kingston will be going out of business if present plans are carried through to finality. Its franchise will be shared up."

Strike at Cross Roads police station

"J.O.S. workers and city commuters pictured outside the Cross Roads Police Station yesterday after the workers went on a wild-cat strike claiming police beat up a driver."

Health Centre on King Street

"Ailing bus: a number of people were injured Thursday afternoon when this JOS bus crashed into the Health Centre on King Street. The bus was packed with people many of whom were coming from matinees."

Four-vehicle crash

"Crunch: Two of the buses involved in the four-vehicle smash up yesterday on Half way Tree Road. "