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Leyland JOS bus and motorcar

"No one was injured when this motorcar and this Leyland Jamaica Omnibus Services (JOS) bus collided yesterday morning, but a section of the Mona Road was blocked for some time."

Bus crash - JOS bus

"End of the chase: this J.O.S. bus driven off by a man who was later charged with lunacy, crashed at the foot of Beverley Hills shortly after mid-night Monday, following a chase by JOS driver had been offering repairs to another bus when this one was…

A dangerous bus ride

"A dangerous practice: Despite appeals and warnings from all quarters overloaded passenger buses continue to ply on the various routes. These two youngsters, caught by out photographer, had apparently decided that whatever the cost, this bus would…

No. 29 JOS bus

A Leyland National bus operating under the Jamaica Omnibus Services (JOS) line.

Jamaica Omnibus Services bus repair

A Jamaica Omnibus Services employee in the process of washing a bus.

Jamaica Omnibus Services bus

A number 94 Jamaica Omnibus Services (JOS) bus on its route.

JOS bus at Cross Roads

A mother and her young children waiting on a Jamaica Omnibus Services bus at Cross Roads, Kingston.

JOS bus

Photograph showing damage to a section of a Leyland Jamaica Omnibus Services (JOS) bus.

Horace Clarke and conductress

"Transport Minister Horace Clarke Clarke paying his fare to conductress Verona Brown before beginning the tour of the new 38 bus route to Havendale and Meadowbrook yesterday."

Out of service buses

"Out of service - a section of the over 50 Leyland National JOS buses that are presently languishing in the Tivoli depot."