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Jamaica Omnibus Services inspectors

"Passing the time: JOS inspectors in discussion outside the UTASP headquarters along Church Street yesterday as they and supervisors continued their sick-out for a second day."

JOS workers protesting

"JOS workers outside Slipe Road Office yesterday protesting dismissal notices."

JOS maintenance crew

"JOS take-over: JOS maintenance crew converge beside parked buses along Industrial Terrace yesterday as workers walked off the job."

New directors visit JOS

d_0009835_new directors_jos.jpg
"New directors visit J.O.S.: Led by Mr. A.Z. Preston, Chairman, several of the new Directors of the nationalized J.O.S. visited all the company's offices and depots on Thursday. The Directors were amused by this notice put up in the Bodyshop at the…

JOS workers

"Confrontation - riot squad policeman and striking JOS workers at the Industrial Terrace Depot yesterday."

Strike at Cross Roads police station

"J.O.S. workers and city commuters pictured outside the Cross Roads Police Station yesterday after the workers went on a wild-cat strike claiming police beat up a driver."

JOS workers marching

"JOS workers marching Friday October 24, 1975 at Ministry of Labour during strike."

Bus strike

"Corporate are commuters yesterday seeking other means of transportation after JOS workers walked off their jobs. Even the clock seemed to strike because this photograph was taken after 4:00pm."