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A dangerous bus ride

"A dangerous practice: Despite appeals and warnings from all quarters overloaded passenger buses continue to ply on the various routes. These two youngsters, caught by out photographer, had apparently decided that whatever the cost, this bus would…

A new J.O.S. bus station at terminus at Mineral Bath

A number 2A bus going to King Street, parked at the new Jamaica Omnibus Service (JOS) station in Mineral Bath. Traffic police are on the side of the road near a closed road.

Alcan Dairy Farm

"Dr. H. Von Mylius stops to take a quick photograph of the dairy herd grazing on restored and marginal land at Alcan's Battersea dairy."

Alphanso Hamilton and Edson Simms were under a JOS bus doing work when another bus crashed into it

"Bloodied but alive - JOS mechanics Alphonso Hamilton and Edson Simms were two lucky men on Saturday. They were underneath JOS bus on Half Way Tree Road effecting repairs when a bus owned by Mr. V. Wedderburn of 14 Hunts Bay Road, Kingston 11 and…

Book mobile from Jamaica Library Service

Persons standing by one of the entrances of the Jamaica Library Service's inaugural book mobile service.

Boy riding bus

"The 'Daily News' camera caught this boy taking a dangerous Sunday ride on the back of this JOS bus on King Street, Kingston."

Boys joyriding on JOS bus

"These little boys are having fun on this free ride. This pleasurable planks brings smiles to their faces. But if Jolly should take a sharp turn, open his doors a little too early or get too close to a light post, the joyride could become a death…

Broken cylinder

d_0009829_broken cylinder.jpg
"Broken block: This is a broken cylinder block of a Gardener type engine. The break occurred as a result of water reaching into the cylinder through the air-clean, this de-compressing the chamber and causing the connecting rod to bend and hitting…

Bus - car collision on the St. Thomas road

"This bus leaves the road following a crash with this motorcar on the St. Thomas road just outside Morant Bay. Six persons were injured."

Bus and VW car collision

"Heavyweight vs lightweight? In what seemed to be a mismatch of contenders in different weight divisions the VW and the bus collided on the Belmont Road in the Hector's River area on Sunday. No serious injuries arose from the accident, although the…