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A barber salon

Inside an empty barbershop in Kingston, Jamaica.

A barefoot doctor from medical co-operative service gives smallpox vaccinations

"A 'barefoot doctor' from the medical co-operative service station run by a production brigade in Chuansha county on the outskirts of Shanghai gives smallpox vaccinations to children in the brigade."

A black Virgin Mary and babe

"A black Virgin Mary and babe on a Christmas card."

A Catholic Church

"Members of the Catholic congregation hold hands while they say the 'Our Father'."

A child with his ice cream cone

A boy thoroughly enjoying his ice cream.

A dangerous bus ride

"A dangerous practice: Despite appeals and warnings from all quarters overloaded passenger buses continue to ply on the various routes. These two youngsters, caught by out photographer, had apparently decided that whatever the cost, this bus would…

A display of batik and tie

"A display of batik and tie and dye looked at by one of the instructors, Miss Davis [left] and one of the students."

A farm showing banana and coconut trees

Banana, coconut and other trees and plants on a farm.

A flock of black-neck stilts in the Palisadoes

"A flock of black-necked stilts (Himantopus Mexicanus) photographed in the Palisadoes area. The birds, which are very good waders, are extremely graceful in flight with the neck only slightly extended and the legs shifting in rudderlike manner as the…