Hart the Historian & Collector

Richard Hart, the historian, has made significant contributions to the documentary heritage of Jamaica and the region through his many publications which include: 

• The Origin and Development of the People of Jamaica

• The Life and the Resurrection of Marcus Garvey

• Plantation Society: a study of the Sugar Plantation in the Caribbean

• Jamaica and Self-Determination 1660-1970

• Grenada: an Assessment of the Revolution

• Cudjoe and the first Maroon War

• Slaves who Abolished Slavery vols. 1 & 2

• From Occupation to Independence: a Short History of the Peoples of the English-speaking Caribbean Region

• The End of Empire: Transition to Independence in Jamaica and other Caribbean Region Colonies

• Labour Rebellions of the 1930s in the British Caribbean Region Colonies

• Towards Decolonization: Political, Labour and Economic Development in Jamaica, 1938-1945

• The Grenada trial: a Travesty of Justice

• The Cuban Way

• Rise and Organize: the Birth of the Workers and National Movements in Jamaica, 1936-1939

• The Abolition of Slavery

Mr. Hart gave many lectures at home and to the Community Education Trust in the U.K. He spent countless hours in the British Library, the Public Record Office, the National Library of Jamaica and the Jamaica Archives and Records Department, thoroughly researching aspects of the Caribbean people’s historical experience.