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60 ton-tip-lorry for mining

"60 ton-tip-lorry for mining use produced by Changhun no. 1 motor vehicle."


Accident along Windward Road

"When this tanker got involved in an accident along the Windward Road on Monday. It lost both front wheels and caused traffic snarl. It also brought out this typically expressive posture from this little girl on her way home from the shop with…

Crashed truck

"Truck that crashed into a bus shed along Washington Boulevard."

Crashed truck in Holland Bamboo archway

"Mystery crash: this truck crashed an`d was extensively damaged in the Holland Bamboo archway in St. Elizabeth sometime on Saturday morning. Up to late Saturday morning the Lacovia police who are investigating the circumstances under which the…

Delivery truck accident

"Food truck accident: the truck here was carrying a load of fertiliser from Kingston to Hanover when it overturned at Berrydale in Clarendon on Monday night. According to driver Bernette McPherson of Lucea the truck developed a brake problem, got out…

Eviction in Rema, Kingston

"Two trucks prepare to pull out of Rema with belongings of evicted tenants while a solemn crowd looks on."

Flour truck at Kingston Wharves

"Flour for days - Baking flour is a scarce commodity these days. But counter flour is available in many places. And here at Kingston Wharves yesterday this truck seemed to have gotten too much. The truck driver was making his exit from the wharves…

Gilda flood victims

"For future use: a young girl carefully places a mop with her parents luggage."