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Houses in Spanish Town

A woman is walking towards the door of a two-storey house made of brick and wood. A couple is walking pass a car parked on the street beside a brick and metal fence attached to the house.

Nos. 6 and 9 Rivoli Avenue, Spanish Town

A wooden houses, some on stilts - with, zinc roof, concrete steps and a veranda.

Boys playing in a yard along Rivoli Avenue in Spanish Town, St. Catherine.

No. 9 Monk Street

Image of a brick building with damaged zinc roofing at 9 Monk Street, Spanish Town. There are several trees on the property. The building also has louvred windows and a chimney.

Friendship Meadows

Photograph of houses in the Friendship Meadows community located in the parish of St. Catherine. One of the houses shown has building material in its yard.

Archaeology sifter

A sifter used in the excavation process of remains on the White Marl Taino Museum site, located off the Kingston to St. Catherine highway.

Cathedral, Spanish Town, St. Catherine

5 Cathedral, Spanish Town, St. Catherine (197-).jpg
Begun in the early 18th century on the site of a demolished Spanish church, this building was altered and extended during the 19th century.

Colbeck Castle, St. Catherine

Probably constructed between the late 17th and mid 18th centuries, this building may never have been completed or occupied. The earliest known record of this mysterious building dates from 1896.