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Huge pothole at the corner of King & Tower Street

"This is not a downtown oasis but a huge pot hole at the corner of King and Tower Streets. It has so far failed to attract the attention of the KSAC whose headquarters is only two short blocks away."

Filthy conditions outside the St. Patrick place of safety in Rae Town

"Is this what we want for our kids in the international year of the child? The 38 boys being housed at the St. Patrick's Place of Safety in Rae Town have to suffer daily from the stench, mosquito bites and flies are bred by this stagnant pool that…

Hazardous road conditions

"Safety hazard: Pedestrians and motorists who use Bray Street near Somerset Avenue in Franklyn Town have complained about the condition."

Deplorable road condition

"Water damage: The motorists at right approaches with caution along Hagley Park Road near its intersection with Waltham Park Road. Heavy rains in the Corporate Area last week left the road surface in the condition shown in picture."

Damaged road leading from Marcus Garvey Drive to the Junction at Passage Fort, Portmore

"Deathtrap for the unwary: This deathtrap for the unwary motorist forms an island around a corner on the Causeway Road running from Marcus Garvey Drive to the junction at Passage Fort, Portmore. It has been there for months and gets worse each day."

Truck tipping marl to repair road

d_0009114_truck tipping_marl_repair_road.jpg
"Road repairs: A truck unloads marl on a road-way in Portmore, as part of a $15,000 programme of road repairs now in progress."

Road in Victoria Park facing North Parade

Road leading from Victoria Park to North Parade. In view are parked buses and a water fountain in which some children are splashing.