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Pool of water from Kingston Hotel

Pool of water from Kingston Hotel compound flowing down from Knutsford Boulevard.

Raw sewage on the intersection of Beckford and West Street in Kingston

" 'How long?' That is the question people facing the stink at this intersection of Beckford and West Streets in Kingston have been asking. For months now a sewer main has been malfunctioning. The road surface is eroded and the many mini-lakes give…

Huge pothole at the corner of King & Tower Street

"This is not a downtown oasis but a huge pot hole at the corner of King and Tower Streets. It has so far failed to attract the attention of the KSAC whose headquarters is only two short blocks away."

Hazardous road conditions

"Safety hazard: Pedestrians and motorists who use Bray Street near Somerset Avenue in Franklyn Town have complained about the condition."

Deplorable road condition

"Water damage: The motorists at right approaches with caution along Hagley Park Road near its intersection with Waltham Park Road. Heavy rains in the Corporate Area last week left the road surface in the condition shown in picture."

Damaged road leading from Marcus Garvey Drive to the Junction at Passage Fort, Portmore

"Deathtrap for the unwary: This deathtrap for the unwary motorist forms an island around a corner on the Causeway Road running from Marcus Garvey Drive to the junction at Passage Fort, Portmore. It has been there for months and gets worse each day."

Car in hole on Oxford Road close to the intersection of Old Hope Road

d_0008058_car_oxford road_old_hope_road.jpg
"Why me? This is the question this motorist was asking himself a few days after his car dropped into a hole along Oxford Road, close to the intersection of Old Hope Road. There was a busted water main and although the Water Commission had attempted…