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A typical bungalow, Buff Bay, Portland

Man sitting with his legs crossed relaxes in the sitting area of a bungalow in Buff Bay, Portland.

Bob Tony and Athenry Gardens viewing the underground at Nonsuch

"Viewing the underground: Bob Toby, owner of the Nonsuch Caves and Athenry Gardens (second from left) is pictured with guide (left) and visitors to the caves as they made a tour. Overhead are the straw-type stalactite formations."

Bryans Bay Bridge near Port Antonio, December 1917

Two men walking over the Bryans Bay Bridge near Port Antonio, Portland.

Buff Bay out to sea - Portland

A view of Buff Bay, Portland, looking towards the Caribbean Sea. The Buff Bay Bridge [left] and the roofs of buildings, can also be seen.

Buff Bay River Bridge

Steel bridge over the Buff Bay River in Portland, Jamaica.

Building which first housed the Portland Parish Library

"The building which first housed the Portland Parish Library - one of the first to be included in the island wide free library service."
Other business places on the property include: St. Anthony's Credit Union; Court Rose of Portland; Loyal Rose…