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Buff Bay River Bridge

Steel bridge over the Buff Bay River in Portland, Jamaica.

Buff Bay out to sea - Portland

A view of Buff Bay, Portland, looking towards the Caribbean Sea. The Buff Bay Bridge [left] and the roofs of buildings, can also be seen.

Street in Port Antonio

Small business establishments on a street in Port Antonio, Portland.


Vintage photograph of a street in Portland, Jamaica.

Port Antonio

Two male Portland natives standing along a dirt road lined with palm trees, near the coastal town of Port Antonio.

Port Antonio

A section of Portland's capital town, Port Antonio, with a view of Navy Island and Monkey (Pellew) Island.

Port Antonio

An overhead view from Titchfield, of commercial and public buildings in Portland's capital town, Port Antonio. In the distance, the Portland Parish Church can be seen and to the left, near the foreground, is the Port Antonio Courthouse.

Goblin Hill Hotel and Villas

Goblin Hill Hotel and Villas, twenty-eight apartment Complex on the Hill above San San Beach.

The new lifeguard lookout at Boston Beach

"The new lifeguard lookout at Boston Beach, one of the features of Herbie's landscape design."

Nonsuch Cave, Port Antonio

A tour guide showing visitors the mineral formations in Nonsuch Cave located at the Seven Hills at Athenry near Port Antonio, Jamaica.