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Car crash on rural road

Scene of a car accident in Darliston, Westmoreland.

Overturned trailer in Westmoreland

"On the way to the Frome sugar factory from Farm in Westmoreland these two trailers overturned earlier this week about one mile apart. The trailer [at left] met its fate on Monday while the other overturned on Tuesday. The driver of the second unit…

Crashed Ford Escort motor car

"The driver of this Ford Escort motor car, Albert Tomlinson of 92 Hope Road Kingston narrowly escaped injuries after the car was run over by a cane truck on the Spanish Town - Bog Walk main road on Wednesday. The cane truck belongs to the Sugar…

Wrecked truck

A badly damaged truck that was involved in a traffic accident.

Darling Street & Marcus Garvey Drive

"Two vehicles slowly, and carefully negotiating their way through a pool at the Darling Street - Marcus Garvey Drive intersection in the Kingston Waterfront area yesterday."

Flooded roadway

Cars travelling along a flooded road in Jamaica.

Industrial Estate

"Water, water, water: this section of the Industrial Estate near to Tinson Pen was virtually impassable for motorcars. Here, one car that shut off is being pushed by citizens of the area."

Constant Spring Road

"Prelude to Carmen: This scene on Constant Spring Road was typical of many Kingston streets yesterday. Young men in bathing trunks (one is seen at right) earned quick money pushing stalled cars. Ironically, there was little water in the pipes in this…

Chelsea Avenue (Kingston)

"Chelsea Avenue was one of the first roads reported to be flooded recently as rains from Hurricane Katrina pelted the island. A Volkswagen is seen trying to make its way through the water at the intersection of Chelsea Avenue and Half-Way Tree Road."