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W.A. Roberts as president of the Jamaica Historical Society

"W. Adolphe Roberts as President of the Jamaica Historical Society (1955-1957) escorts the Governor, Sir Hugh Foot out of the St. Peters Parish Church, Port Royal after ceremony of unveiling of plaques in memory of naval officers who had served at…

Supply of transport, Lt. Mackfield

Lt. Mackfield, West India Regiment officer with responsibility for transportation.

Sierra Leone, 1892

Group photograph of West India Regiment officers in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Sierra Leone, 1892

Standing (l-r): Capt. Marshall, Lt. McDonald, Capt. Nelson, Lt. Cowie, Lt. Tredgold, Capt. Norris, Capt. Bourke, 2nd Lt. Langlands, Capt. Roberts, Lt. Col. Ellis, Capt. Bor, 2nd Lt. Liston Seated (l-r): 2nd Lt. Morley, Lt. Kennedy, Lt. Wright, Lt.…

C.S.M. Thomas, Q.M.S. Vince, R.S.M. Mcleod, Major Hill, C.S.M. Noble, C.S.M. McInnis, Lieut. Bullock, B.M.R. Jones

Members of the West India Regiment Rifle Meeting 1907 with the Challenge Cup won by the 1st West India Regiment.

Graves at Waima

West India Regiment soldiers standing near two enclosed areas for graves in Waima, News Zealand.