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Honourable Michael Manley, Prime Minister shaking hands with a section of the people during his address in Port Maria

"Prime Minister Addresses Public Meeting at Port Maria: Honourable Michael Manley, Prime Minister, (centre) shaking hands with a section of the people whom he addressed in Port Maria last Thursday night. The address followed a day's touring of East…

J.B.C. strikers sit down demonstration

Michael "Joshua" Manley sitting amidst demonstrators during the '6th round' of the Jamaica Broadcasting Commission sit down demonstration in Half-Way Tree, St. Andrew.

Michael Manley

Prime Minister, Michael Manley, making an address.

Michael Manley

Prime Minister Michael Manley firing a weapon at shooting range.

Michael Manley

Prime Minister Manley speaking at Gordon House. In the background are other politicians including P.J. Patterson.

Michael Manley

Members of the police force shield Prime Minister Michael Manley as scores of supporters surround him.

Michael Manley addresses the congregation at the Arena

"Prime Minister Michael as he addressed the closing session of the annual assembly of the Church of God at the National Arena on Sunday night. Mr. Manley told the assembly that through self-reliance the spirit of love could be channeled into…

Michael Manley holding the rod

"The rod is back - PNP Leader Michael Manley holds aloft the "Rod of Heavy Manner" at the highpoint during his address to the mammoth 120,000 PNP rally in Montego Bay on Sunday night. The dramatic re-appearance of the rod came back as Mr. Manley said…