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Flood victims

"It's chow time: It is mealtime at the Cokesview Primary Relief Centre in Waterworks, Westmoreland, and despite their despair, the members of this family find time to relax. More than 20 families affected by the recent flood rains are housed at this…

Flood victims

Prime Minister Michael Manley, George Headlam and others touring a shelter following flood rains.

Flood victim

"Children left homeless by this week's flood rains enjoy a healthy lunch provided by the Red Cross on Friday at the National Stadium where they are temporarily housed. The Stadium is being used to accommodate over 400 victims of the Gilda storm…

Relief activities - Jamaica Council of Churches

"Flood relief: The YMCA Headquarters, 21 Hope Road, has been used at the request of the Jamaica Council of Churches as one of the special sorting depots for contributions by way of clothing, food and cash which have been taken or sent to the YMCA…