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The terminus for Mandeville - Williamsfield station

Railroad station at Williamsfield in Mandeville, Jamaica, showing horse-drawn carriages and passengers waiting in the terminus.

Town of Mandeville

Scene from the square in Mandeville, Manchester. St. Mark's Anglican Church (Mandeville Parish Church) can be seen in the background to the right.

The Jamaica Industrial Dev. Corp.

"The Jamaica Industrial Development Corporation's eight multi-factory complex sited at Mount Nelson near Mandeville in Manchester."

Scene in Mandeville

Large crown gathered in the Mandeville Square, Manchester.

The Parish Church

Members of the congregation and cars on the outside of the St. Mark's Anglican Church building in Mandeville, Manchester.
From views of churches, rectories and other Diocesan buildings in Jamaica in March 1931.

Manchester Parish Library

Two-storey building housing the Manchester Parish LIbrary, located along Main Street in capital city Mandeville.

Hospital Mandeville

A view of Hospital Mandeville, located in the hills of Manchester.